Wednesday, March 2, 2011



1) $5.99 p/lb Salad bar at Whole Foods tonight
2) Kombucha
3) Identifying my feelings of being annoyed, frustrated and angry with my husband..., FEELING THEM, praying about them, and then turning it all over to the universe and giving my husband the dignity to live his own live, make his own mistakes, and learning his life lessons.
4) Waking up at 7:00am even though I forgot to set my alarm clock this morning.
5) my adorable primary care physician who is back from maternity leave and can leave her child at home cause she loves being a doctor.
6) Feeling that ANYTHING is possible
7) Stepping on the scale at the doctor's yesterday and feeling confident to actually LOOK at the number.
8) Weighing 136 pounds... a number from the bottom of my soul, I never thought I would EVER see (goes right back to #6)
9) Light traffic this morning.
10) Being of service at 8:30 am :)
11) Being 5 months (respectively) free of white sugar and white flour
12) Goldstar Events that helps me find new activities for Date Night and fellowship.
13) Having a job
14) Being able to learn from listening to to my supervisor on the phone
15) Having 15 things to be grateful for

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