Friday, March 25, 2011

Gratitude March 25

1) my mini date night at Zankou Chicken
2) getting my wedding photos in the mail yesterday.
3) getting my wedding photos up on the wall.
4) the quality time I'm gonna spend with Michele this weekend.
5) 6 tapes away from being done with a project.
6) that the husband is gonna get a day of rest tomorrow.
7) constant better communication with my husband.
8) walking up at 6:30, not SOOOO tired.
9) seeing growth at work.
10) sore muscles.
11) having a solution for my eye lid problem
12) the paycheck sitting on my desk.
13) my booty from Borders yesterday.
14) this adorable bag I got yesterday from Borders!
15) relating to a friend who's sad.
16) my size 6s that are baggy.
17) doing the dishes before I leave for the weekend.
18) the tea this morning, and the heavy whipping cream that was in it.
19) my left over chicken tarna.
20) that i want to live in the solution.

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