Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bath time


I love speedy shipping... especially if I pretty much paid for it. Here is my new bubble bath (and a hand cream) that was delivered yesterday... I think I placed the order on Thursday!

The company is Camille Beckman. I was first introduced to her products, about 8 years ago. I bought some glycerin hand lotion that was in this pretty tub, and it came with a baby tub to keep in my purse. I think it was the scent that was to intoxicating... English Rose... which brought be back to a time and a place that I can't actually PLACE, but my heart started pounding, so I know it must have been significant.

The two containers have stayed in my cabinet for longer than they ever should have... and because my hands have been so try, I took it out off of the bench and back into rotation (can you hear that baseball season is returning to my house?). This stuff works GREAT. Really feels like my hands become healed. I brought the baby to work where it sits in my drawer awaiting my desperate hands!

Mini essentials

I'm excited to have found their online retail website, and intend on sharing the word on this worthy product, to all, 3 of your readers :)

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