Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Go To Quick Lunch/Dinner

Go To Quick Lunch/Dinner by Petunia21
Go To Quick Lunch/Dinner, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

I love this meal on the go! Perfect with celery or yummy whole wheat crackers. Seriously tasty for 100 calories!

Salmon Salad

downsized_0329011532.jpg by Petunia21
downsized_0329011532.jpg, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

This was today's lunch!

Canned wild Alaskan salmon
Canola oil mayo
lots of fresh dill
finely chopped carrots
finely chopped celery

Eaten with celery! Delish!

Mini apple

Mini apple by Petunia21
Mini apple, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

Seriously cute apple... Thanks Jeanna for my fruit of the day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Its that kind of day

I want this...

Just incase I don't end up with my dream huge garden... that someone else will maintain... that I just need to go dig up and clip when I want produce...

Its official!

I'm so excited to FINALLY have this up on my wall!!!!

Gratitude March 28

1) a thousand gratitude lists to read during my Monday back to work, when all the serenity of a spiritual weekend has a tendency to go down the drain like after nice hot bath.
2) spending a whole weekend with my 2 close friends.
3) the delicious food I ate all weekend.
4) spending time in Montecito... aka God's Land.
5) connecting with so many women. So many STRONG woman.
6) Sharing experience at the Sexperience workshop on my retreat.
7) that I was able to leave my problems in LA this weekend.
8) the fish tacos in Ventura... InSANE!
9) Coming home to a clean, quiet home. Truly a gift from god.
10) my bath last night, complete with lit candle.
11) Sharkey's fellowship last night.
12) Sharkey's leftovers for lunch.
13) the serenity prayer... and its power.
14) a list of resentments I have in my little note book... let the step 4 work begin!
15) My dad saying something to me on Saturday that made me resent him... the door opens!
16) Kohls helping me out this morning.
17) a fridge full of food.
18) that my husband is taking care of himself, and I don't have to be involved.
19) that my shows don't hurt my feet today.
20) that yoga is in my future.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Gratitude March 25

1) my mini date night at Zankou Chicken
2) getting my wedding photos in the mail yesterday.
3) getting my wedding photos up on the wall.
4) the quality time I'm gonna spend with Michele this weekend.
5) 6 tapes away from being done with a project.
6) that the husband is gonna get a day of rest tomorrow.
7) constant better communication with my husband.
8) walking up at 6:30, not SOOOO tired.
9) seeing growth at work.
10) sore muscles.
11) having a solution for my eye lid problem
12) the paycheck sitting on my desk.
13) my booty from Borders yesterday.
14) this adorable bag I got yesterday from Borders!
15) relating to a friend who's sad.
16) my size 6s that are baggy.
17) doing the dishes before I leave for the weekend.
18) the tea this morning, and the heavy whipping cream that was in it.
19) my left over chicken tarna.
20) that i want to live in the solution.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's my bag, baby

Today starts the very sad liquidation stage of Borders... sad sad sad.

20% - 40% off everything...

I went in, and left with 1/2 my unemployment check...

New Bag

I did pick up this bag. It has a bag that holds the bag... I got 2 bags! I got a few of these. Figure I can clip them into some of my favorite coats or bags so I always have a bag handy.

I love how colorful it is... and durable. It fits a TON, and is very sturdy. YAY

I feel like Salmon tonight, like salmon tonight!


This is not the BEST representation of my latest salmon recipe... but nonetheless, it was VERY tasty. Got 2 thumbs up from the husband. And was officially added to the salmon rotation...

Greek yogurt
Fresh dill, chopped
1 clove of garlic, grated
spritz of lemon juice, fresh is best
capers, and caper juice

Mix all together. Coat 1 side of the salmon (which was drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Stick in the toaster oven, and broil for about 15 minutes.

Taste amazing the next day!

Gratitude March 24

1) tomorrow is Friday, and my Heart to Heart weekend.
2) My Whole Foods dinner last night, weighing UNDER a pound.
3) Crackers on sale on WF last night.
4) The shower I took this morning.
5) Sleeping til 7:30, and NOT beating myself up about it.
6) Listening to my husband's complaining, and telling him that I have compassion for him.
7) the journalling I did yesterday at lunch time.
8) off loading more food from my trunk... feels lighter every day!
9) my car... it served as a barricade last night from a crazy man.
10) standing up straight at work.
11) to emily who inspires me to open up photoshop.
12) that i'm warm at work... a nice change from freezing.
13) that I realized I'm scared to leave the comfort of my job... and that I'm probably stuck.
14) that I have lunch today.
15) That breakfast is at work, and I didn't have to think about it this morning.
16) That I'm gonna check off a few more things off of my list of things to do.
17) the hope of a 4 hour hike next weekend.
18) that I found some energy to do squats and 7 flights of stairs yesterday.
19) Sharkey's fellowship on Sunday... they have an awesome whole wheat pizza thingy.
20) that i'm not sick like many of my co-workers.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gratitude March 23

1) the ability to re-start my day after a tumultuous wake up.
2) finding a purple umbrella online that will be mine soon.
3) getting my mom some $$ from work for her doing me a favor.
4) people in my home town who are always there to help me and my family out.
5) the sun shining in Scotland, putting a smile on my sister's face.
6) the ability to be honest with my husband.
7) the ability to say I'm sorry honey, I'm in a bad mood. Don't take it personally.
8) my 30% off "gold card" coupon from Kohls.
9) that I'm excited for heart to heart on Friday.
10) that I have hair
11) that I have a bed to sleep in
12) the heat in my apartment last night
13) my husband's body keeping me warm
14) my friends' vhs-DVD player which I'm borrowing for a project
15) my friend working til 5 am making it impossible for us to meet up this morning for a work out
16) the hand cream in my desk drawer.
17) having an awesome tailor at my disposal
18) the avocado on my desk for a tasty snack.
19) my cousin the MD, who can talk to me about my Vit. D deficiency
20) for the ability to ask my HP for more energy in the morning.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gratitude March 22

1) being able to oversleep cause Brian is not snoring.
2) making headway on a project at home.
3) taking out salmon from the freezer for dinner tonight.
4) that hard boiled eggs are so easy to make in the morning.
5) that paypal is my new best friend, and post office.
6) Not having to go to the post office since i have pay pal.
7) That i saw a "reaction" yesterday... and I was able to make an apology and amend today to a best friend.
8) for another pair of "new" jeans I'm wearing today.
9) the loose shirt I'm wearing... wasn't this loose last time I wore it in January.
10) putting on my Big Girl panties yesterday and making a phone call to a fancy agency for work.
11) the compliment that I got from my supervisor who over heard said conversation with fancy agent.
12) the celery that I didn't eat for a snack service as an awesome vehicle for my rancho egg white salad dinner.
13) truly hearing recovery at last night's birthday celebration.
14) that brian fixed my computer yesterday.
15) ordering my wedding photos... i'm so close to being done with my photographer!
16) Nick's dark chocolate delight from last night.
17) my willingness to better my life.
18) that there is a trader joe's within walking distance at work.
19) that's I'm not sick like a few of my co-workers
20) that i had a nice conversation with my dad yesterday.


My old boots are on the way out... I think these are super cute. They might make an appearance in my closet soon!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Snack Time

Snack Time

Who needs a knife!? Not me!

Gratitude March 21

1) Getting a paycheck this Friday
2) My "new" Jeans.
3) Heart to Heart this weekend.
4) Date Morning with my husband yesterday.
5) Eating Irish Oatmeal with my husband.
6) Fellowship on Friday night.
7) Having a place to go on Friday when my husband wasn't in town.
8) Having a therapist that calls me back when I need help.
9) Being able to reason things out with Jessi about a disturbing phone call with my dad.
10) Arriving home safely after driving to La Verne for a meeting.
11) Kathy taking "our" photo. I love that woman.
12) For the 3 Trader Joe bags full of food that no longer serves me... in my trunk, and NOT in my cabinet.
13) Selling 2 more things on Ebay.
14) Lunch with Nestor.
15) For my husband giving the back of my legs a massive massage and like POOF, my sore legs where gone!
16) Bath time, and all the self love that comes with that :)
17) Buying a book, and taking some time this weekend to read.
18) Sunland Produce, and $27 dollars worth of produce that will keep me nourished for 2 weeks.
19) The soup that I made on Saturday, that was AMAZING on a rainy Sunday!
20) Learning my boundaries and the importance of them, and how I can keep them.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Out with the Old...


YAY, our "new" patio set! A proper table that I can write on, and 3 chairs. We put our camping chairs back in storage, and we don't know what we'll do with he old make shift tables...

Gratitude March 18

1) For it being Friday.
2) For using my new tools, and ridding my house of all the crap I was secretly keeping.  That food does not serve me anymore.
3) For my "brand new" clothes that my therapist's mom's housekeeper altered for me for a ridiculous price.
4) For finding a fast way to my therapist's office.
5) For having 20 minutes to eat my dinner (since I was early to therapy) over looking the valley from Mulholland Drive.
6) For being willing to change my perspective.
7) For the amazing appreciation I have for the growth of the husband and I.
8) My husband working Saturday... I'll have some time to myself to journal.
9) To be calling up some heavy hitting agents in the TV business... makes me feel more important.
10) Learning about Vitamin D, and how important it is.
11) Having a place to go to tonight.
12) Being able to visualize flicking off the ANTs (ancillary negative thoughts) off of my shoulders when those creepy little bastards start climbing all over me!
13) To hear that my husband is doing a great job at work.
14) To know that not doing something is a choice.
15) To know that today, I don't have to deal with tomorrow.

Quote of the day

“Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” 
-- NOT ME!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

the temptations!


No!!! This one is for Shannon!

The holiday cheer from my gratitude list


Gratitude March 17

1) Being invited to a meeting yesterday with the president of my company.
2) B's number to the union jumping 50 spots because I got to watch him do some actual footwork.
3) Tonight is a therapy night.
4) Seriously great meeting and fellowship.
5) Seeing Jessi's sister. She's so stinking cute.
6) My food weighing under a pound yesterday at Whole Foods.
7) The gorgeous weather this morning during my workout.
8) Having a trainer that listens to me.
9) My post fellowship chat with Lisa.
10) My little ipod speakers that let me shake my butt in the shower post workout.
11) My green shirt.
12) Being surrounded by green treats in the break room.
13) Having the will power, and self love to stay away from the break room.
14) Asking my HP to help me wake up at 5:30... and then again at 5:45 and 5:50... SCORE!
15) Not having lower back pains lately.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mission - Failed

I guess it wasn't in the cards for me to buy the Grate-N-Shake... at least not today.

I ran to bed bath and beyond with my 20% off coupon in hand, and they were all GONE!

I guess that solved my dilemma for today!

Nutmeg Grate-N-Shake

I want this too. Its a nutmeg grinder. Its pretty much a uni-tasker... but does have the added bonus of being able to hold the actual nut.


What I like about this little contraption is that

a) I wouldn't have to take out my big Microplane

b) This allows for actual collecting of nutmeg (which is kinda hard when you're using the large microplane... you then need a collecting contraption, and then use the measure spoon... then what do you do with all the left overs!

c) You can store the nut.

d) This is more assessable.
I've been indulging a lot in nutmeg,
especially when I make my yummy oatmeal.

Now, whether I cave in and buy this, I don't know.  But I DO have a coupon for BBB... If only I had more space in my spice cabinet!

I want this...

I don't need this... but I want it. I mean, look at it...

1) its purple.
2) its 3 cups... I don't think I have a 3-cup food processor
3) its purple!

I can imagine myself chopping cheese in this little guy, or making some chicken salad.  I might have to go home and see ... I have 2 other food processors.  One is small... but I don't know HOW small.  And One is big... like 16-cup capacity...  Like the 3 bears... this one looks JUST right :)

Gratitude March 16

YAY Whole Food Wed!

I am grateful for:

1) The AMAZING conversation I had with my boss yesterday... she pretty much validated me on everything I've been working on for the last 7 months... AMAZING.
2) Some me time last night to watch General Hospital.
3) Being honest with my husband last night.
4) Being of service to a friend in need.  She is me, 18 months ago. I know exactly what she is going through. 
5) Finishing all my water yesterday, getting 45 minutes of walking in on my lunch break, and vitamin D absorption!
6) For all the St. Patty's Day decorations adorning my office... I love any holiday spirit.
7) For the delivery date of my new couch!
8) Hulu & Tivo.
9) For my work out tomorrow.
10) For getting up early and preparing some hard boiled eggs for the rest of the week.
11) That I am not in Japan, suffering from having nothing and not being exposed to radiation.
12) Not being a parent right now.
13) For my job, just for today.
14) For not NEEDING to explain myself when someone doesn't wanna hear it.
15) For being loving and kind and understanding.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Validation... the gift that keeps on giving


I just had a crazy conversation with my executive producer where...

  • she validated so much of what I've been striving for...
  • she commented on my new style of dressing...
  • and how confident I appear now...
  • and how I walk differently and present myself differently...
  • and how that plays into the workplace...
  • and how when you see someone that takes care of themselves, subconsciously, you know they can take care of business...
 ... It was a thousand things that I have been going over with my therapist for the last 6 months...
In return, I told her how I certainly look towards her when I see someone who "takes care of themselves" by the way she eats, dresses and I know she takes care of her body, and how she is an example. She was so thankful and told me she needed that ego boost.

And we talked about leaving our comfort zone, and how as a boss, she judges people based on their appearance.

What am amazing gift I just got!

Shake Rattle & Roll

So amazing what the impact of a 8.9 earthquake has on the world!


For the past 2 days, I have successfully drank all 64 oz of water! YAY. Its the little things.  On my week off, I don't know that I drank 16 oz a day!  I take my water cooler at work for granted for sure!

So, I'm looking at a completely full Victoria Secret pink water bottle holidng 32 oz of very cold water... I already cold since I'm wearing a dress and my legs are exposed... just waiting for the chill of my water to disapate...

Must Drink Water!

Gratitude March 15

1) I am grateful for being able to restart my morning after a client pissed me off.
2) I am grateful for the compliment that my friend gave me about my "out of my comfort zone" dress I'm wearing.
3) I am grateful that I found my missing hair product.
4) I am grateful for light traffic.
5) I am grateful for my salty spelt pancakes that I could grab on the go this morning.
6) I am grateful for practicing telling people my needs, and getting a positive response.
7) I am grateful for my purple tree that never has to leave my desk at work. (see pic below)
8) I am grateful for the walk I took yesterday at lunch. Yay vitamin D and exercise and journalling!
9) I am grateful for my new black pumps I wore yesterday.
10) I am grateful that my new black pumps I wore yesterday did not hurt my feet by the end of the day!
11) I am grateful that I skipped out on my Monday meeting and enjoyed my first night home!
12) I am grateful that we moved our clocks forward, and I left work in the DAYLIGHT!
13) I am grateful that I got to see a sunset on my way home last night.
14) I am grateful for my tickets to the Hollywood bowl for a fun date night.
15) I am grateful that Brian genuinely thanked me for making him dinner last night.
16) I am grateful for the water cooler at work and the free coffee.
17) I am grateful to let me ego go after being disrespected by a client.
18) I am grateful to that my abs hurt.
19) I am grateful that I took salmon out of the freezer this morning. Dinner will take 15 minutes tonight!
20) I am grateful that I'm willing.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gratitude March 12

1) I am grateful for the sunshine this morning, and knowing that I'll see more light when I get off of work.
2) I am grateful for a great visit with my nieces yesterday.
3) Playing catch in my new nearby park.
4) Exposing my nieces to Indian food.
5) Hearing "this is my new favorite food ever!" out of their mouths.
6) Not worrying who paid the bill.
7) A day to journal...I need it.
8) Making an entire tray of "normy" brownies and not eating a bite.
9) Successful spelt pancakes recipe complete.
10) Fellowship at Sharkey's today.
11) My brother in law servicing my computer.
12) I can see my rug today... now I can vacuum it.
13) The realization that I bring on a majority of my own chaos.
14) Learning to let go of old ideas and habits.
15) Just needing to do today.
16) Knowing that God is on my side, and not against me.
17) Having friends that understand me.
18) Having a great week off.
19) My hands.
20) My legs.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Traveling With Children: Expert Advice from REI

Loved reading this article on Traveling with babies... gives me hope for the life I wanna have!

Traveling With Children: Expert Advice from REI

Spelt Pancakes part Deux

These are part 2 because this morning, I added way too much salt into the recipe. As I type this, I am guzzling seltzer water (because we ran out of water in our cooler). But I think I got it this time.  The almond meal adds both protein, and some body to the batter.

Spelt Pancakes

2 cups of spelt flour                               
½ cup of almond meal                           
¾  tsp of salt                                          
3 tsp baking powder                                      
2 cups of room temperature milk   (1 1/2 cups for thicker pancakes)                   
2 room temperature eggs                           
2 Tbsp coconut oil room temperature (should be in liquid form) or canola oil
1 tsp almond extract
½ tsp vanilla extract 

Optional Add-ons - to be mixed in at the end
nuts (any kind)              
mixed berries 
chocolate chips 

In a medium mixing bowl, combine spelt flour, almond meal baking powder and salt.
In a separate bowl,  whisk the milk, eggs, coconut oil, almond and vanilla extracts together. (if the milk is cold, the coconut oil will solidify.  If the milk is cold, stick it in the microwave for a few seconds before starting this combination.

Incorporate the liquids into the dry ingredients. Grease a griddle, and pour out ¼ cup servings. Flip when bubbles form around the edges.

**makes enough to feed both a Petunia and a husband with enough left over for another meal**

Friday, March 11, 2011

Gratitude, March 11

1) I am grateful for the phone call I got at 6 am this morning, waking me up, because it means that I am loved and cared for by my mom... she was worried about tsunamis.
2) I am grateful that I can spell tsunami ... but sadly only because of practice.
3) I am grateful that I am NOT in Japan, but that I can pray for those who are.
4) I am grateful that I just came back from a walk with my husband.
5) I am grateful that I took myself on a date yesterday and saw Beauty and the Beast.
6) I am grateful for the fact that I'm getting money back on my taxes, despite feeling disappointed at the amount.
7) I am grateful to have re-connected with a friend who I haven't seen in 2 years. It was so great to be able to open up to her, and enjoy her own spirituality.  Its nice to have spirituality sisters!
8) I am grateful to have had lunch in Santa Monica with my friend, and my mentor... while looking at the horizon, knowing that we will not be affected by the tsunami.
9) I am grateful to find out that the Santa Monica Coop allows you to bring in your own containers... which means I do not have to use plastic bags!
10) I am grateful for the sunshine I got today, and hopefully some vitamin D.
11) I am grateful to know that despite feeling unsuccessful, fat, bloated and frustrated... I still had a better day than the whole of Japan.
12) I am grateful that I have a job.
13) I am grateful that to have creative outlets.
14) I am grateful that I can find food to eat at El Pollo Loco.
15) I am grateful to have people in my life who are PRO-Melanie and who cheer on my successes!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On my week off, I've been trying to take advantage and do all the things I normally don't have time for!

My friend who works for Lopez Tonight got me VIP tickets to the show. This was my first Late Night show taping, and I truly had a blast!

I was in the VERY front, and had a new hair cut, so I felt very cute.  I was SURE I would make the TV screens!  George was like 3 feet away at some points in the show.  But seeing him on stage was like going to see him do stand up. It was really cool.  Very entertaining.  Seeing Aaron Eckhart up close was very cool too. 
They only had a few pick ups to do, and they had lots of loud dance music playing all throughout the show, so I was bopping in my seat the whole time.

Last night, because I was doing my taxes, I was STILL awake to catch the broadcast of the show.  I am usually LONG asleep at midnight, but I did catch some... and can you believe I was NOT featured in the audience! I just missed the cut off for most camera shots. HEHEHE,

I did have a fun time.  I'd love to go again on my next break.

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

I got a hair cut yesterday! Woo hoo!

Its one of those things that I always let it go too long, then I wonder why my hair is just... a mess.  It wasn't even like the length was super long, but the layers (I come to realize after Erik pointed it out) were all grown up, weighing down my curls!

So, $$ bucks later, and 1 deep conditioning treatment, Voila! Lighter more manageable hair.  Looking back on my google calendar, I realized that my last hair cut was over 6 months ago... this is pretty normal. I need to try to make a hair cut appointment every 3 months or so.  It hard for me to shell out 60 bucks or so on a "trim" but really, I'm worth it.

And if I were to add up all of B's hair cuts... every 3 weeks or so, he probably spends more on his than I do on mine!


Gratitude March 9

 1) That I finished my receipts for my tax appointment last night. SUPER GRATEFUL!!!!
2) That I had no cavities despite not going to the dentist for 3 years!
3) That I was THIS close to both George Lopez and Aaron Eckhart yesterday at the taping.
4) Getting to share the experience with Victoria :)
5) That its Whole Foods Wed. and the salad bar is 2 bucks off!
6) That its another sunny day!
7) My hair cut
8) Being able to help out a friend or two.
9) My carrot muffins. So good!
10) My husband scoring better on his second test.
11) That my hands and legs work.
12) Seeing buddies tonight
13) the memory on my hard drive
14) My good hearing
15) The food in my fridge.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gratitude March 8th

I am grateful...

1) for falling asleep in Brian's arms last night on the couch.
2) that he made me coffee this morning, and I get to see him before he leaves for work.
3) for my haircut appointment.
4) That Christa liked the cards I made for the boutique, and told me so.
5) Seeing Marti last night, in amazing wigs... not letting anything hold her back.
6) Tickets to see George Lopez with Victoria today!
7) Water at my disposal, cause I am dehydrated!
8) That I pushed my tax appointment to Friday... cause I'm not ready!
9) That I let Brian be an adult AND a man, without MY help.
10) Letting go of MY ideas of Right & Wrong. Good & Bad. Accepting What Is.
11) For being so sore from my hike, that I was exhausted... just existing yesterday!
12) My new Costco membership
13) The artichokes I'm gonna make tonight.
14) Lexulous/Scrabble - keeping me in touch with peeps in Scotland, NY, NH and Kenya!
15) Big Hugs!

Monday, March 7, 2011

No pokey please

I am truly am a phlebotomist's nightmare. 

I am never one to actually ENJOY needles.  Even those cholesterol pricks in the fingers. I would dread them, squeeze my eyes shut and tense up. As far back as I can remember... I mean, you'll NEVER catch me shooting heroine!

A few years back, while I was in college, my doctor's office tried to take some blood and do a work up. I was awfully tired, and they wanted to see why.

After 5 ATTEMPTS at attaching veins that were more for show, than actually supplied blood to any of my vital organs, they brought in the "BIG GUN."  The Nurse practitioner who has never MISSED.... Well... I broke her streak. She was not happy... nor was I.

They finally sent me to the lab.  I drove home looking like I had been attached, 3 gauzy bandages on each arm... I drove myself to the lab feeling a bit sorry for myself.  There, I met a phlebotomist who truly knew what she was doing.  She didn't even really look at my arm, she knew the vein was there, and felt it. On needle later, I was heading out of the door with an orange juice box in my hand and a cookie.

Fast forward to a few years ago when I wad to go to the hospital... Each nurse would check both of my arms repeatedly, pinching, slapping, cutting off circulation, making me pump my fists... anything for a miracle vein. After a while, they would hit one, but its never fun.

So now when I go to get blood work done, I ALWAYS go to the lab, but I wish that was a guarantee of a one shot wonder... but its still not the case.  

I walk into the office. Announce that I am the HARDEST person to draw from, and tell them I need baby butterfly needles (all things the PREVIOUS poker would instruct me) for the next time.  They would smile and say "ok".  Until they finally start to examine my arms and realize... I'm apparently barely alive! Freezing hands, and low blood flow...

Well... Monday was no exception. I left with 2 bandages... But this time, I wrote down exactly where they got the vein from. Hopefully next year, I'll have more insight into my amazing body.

LEFT ARM CROOK! That's my "golden" vein!

BTW... No matter how BIG I have ever been.... apparently my veins are quite small... TAKE THAT size Zeros out there!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

YUMMY Carrot Cake Muffins!

I found the below recipe off of the NY Time's website. I doubled the recipe and made a few changes (in blue).They are SUPER dense, and I really dig that. Just a tiny hint of sweetness.

Carrot Cake Muffins

2 1/2 cups whole-wheat pastry flour (next time, I might use 1/2 spelt flour)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1/3 cup raw brown (turbinado) sugar (I used 1/6th of a cup of sugar, and next time, will probably omit entirely)
1/3 cup canola oil (next time, I might incorporate coconut oil in this)
1 1/3 cups buttermilk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2/3 cup golden raisins tossed with 1 teaspoon unbleached all-purpose flour, or 2/3 cup chopped pecans (I used 1 full cup of raisins and didn't use any flour)
1 1/2 cups grated carrots

1. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees with the rack in the upper third of the space. Oil or butter muffin tins.
2. Sift together the whole-wheat pastry flour, baking powder, baking soda, spices and salt.
3. In a separate bowl, beat together the eggs, sugar, oil, buttermilk and vanilla. Using a whisk or a spatula, stir in the dry ingredients and mix until well combined. Do not beat; a few lumps are fine, but make sure there is no flour at the bottom of the bowl. Fold in the raisins or pecans and the carrots.** batter is VERY thick, and does not rise, what you see in the muffin cup is what I got out of the oven.**
4. Spoon into muffin cups, filling them to just below the top (about 4/5 full). Place in the oven, and bake 25 minutes until lightly browned and well risen.

Yield: Twelve muffins, depending on the size of the muffin tins.

Advance preparation: These keep for a couple of days out of the refrigerator, for a few more days in the refrigerator and for a few months in the freezer.

Nutritional information per muffin (based on 12-muffin yield): 239 calories; 1 gram saturated fat; 2 grams polyunsaturated fat; 4 grams monounsaturated fat; 32 milligrams cholesterol; 38 grams carbohydrates; 4 grams dietary fiber; 323 milligrams sodium; 5 grams protein

Carrot Cake Muffins batter
I almost needed a bigger bowl since I doubled the recipe.  Use a STRONG spoon to mix!
I got to finally use my "shed" disc on my food processor! It was so much fun!

At The Ballet

I went to the ballet last night in Glendale, at the Alex Theater. It was for the Los Angeles Ballet company, and it was very cool.

I might have gone to the ballet in elementary school, but if so, I was certainly too young to appreciate it. Not that kids can't. But I didn't.

Ever since the movie, Centerstage came out, oh, almost 10 years ago, I wanted to go with adult eyes and see a more modern program.

I love to watch choreography. Whether its the floor program of a gymnastic event, figure skating, cheer leading, or tap, I have always liked to see how people can move.

Last night, I saw 3 very different ways people move. The first program was very traditional ballet. Girls in tutus and guys with um... bulging, ... you get the idea.

The second was a piece that was choreographed by some woman named Sonya Tayeh. Apparently, she just put together all of Millie Cyrus' whole concert. The piece was called "My Greatest Fear." The director described it as "artistic", "Dramatic" and "interpretative" and it was! IT was dark, and weird, but definitely cool! The costumes where like sexy black bathing suits with strings everywhere. The guys wore leather pants and were shirtless.

And the final was a western theme called "Western Symphony". This was really cool, all girls on point, and western inspired tutus and funky feather hair pieced, two-stepping on toe. It was colorful and totally different from the traditional one.

I had such a nice time. Can't wait to go to another one :) They are doing Giselle in May.

Gratitude March 6,

Happy Sunday!

Today, I'm grateful for:

1) Going to the ballet last night.
2) My eyes, and thus far, not needing glasses.
3) The other BRIAN in my life, who brought me to program, and is always there, like an angel.
4) Coming home to a sober husband last night, and getting to cuddle with him in my new dress.
5) My new "out of my comfort zone" dress that I got on clearance for $24 bucks (originally $118).
6) My morning hike at runyon. And my acceptance that I will take the EASY route, so letting someone else be in charge of picking the path.
7) A whole day to myself to craft, clean, and cleanse.
8) The apples and peanut butter snack I'm eating right now, post hike.
9) The sunshine
10) Going to the George Lopez show this week... does anyone wanna go with?
11) Whole Wheat pita chips that I found at Henry's Farmer's Market yesterday... and they are good!
12) That I might just take a nap today, and I won't feel guilty about it!
13) My laptop. It might be old, and it might be slightly dysfunctional, but it does the trick, just for today.
14) My 660 Curries cookbook... what will be in store this week?
15) Being willing, even when I'm tired of being willing.
16) That my upstairs neighbors rarely EVER have parties... thank god. It was LOUD last night.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gratitude March 5th

1) For the cinnamon, nutmeg (freshly shaven), slivered almonds, raisins, and almond extract that all paired up together with my organic milk to make a luxurious bowl of oatmeal this morning.
2) not needing to rush to eat it cause I have today off.
3) Hugo's restaurant last night. A restaurant that can cater to my new eating habits.
4) That my husband found MANY things on the menu that he wanted to eat... he CHOSE Quinoa!
5) $3 movie theater on Victory/Bellingham that was showing Sanctum.
6) That I'm not trapped in a cave in New Guinea.
7) A sunny Saturday morning.
8) Being able to practice what I learn.
9) My 50% & 40% off coupons at Michaels
10) For my Food Network
11) My willingness to take care of myself, and close my eyes while signing the credit card slip.
12) A week off. Oh the possibilities!
13) Sleeping 8 hours
14) Tickets to the ballet tonight!
15) Friends who send me articles about things that interest me! Its nice to be thought off, even when you are in the states, and they are in ... KENYA!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Freezer Roulette 2

And the games continue!

I defrosted THIS today for lunch... and um, I have no idea what it is or when I made it. I taste onions, and its kinda creamy, but for the life of me, can't remember much about it.


If this is my last post, we'll know it was a bad idea to lick the bowl clean :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Freezer Roulette

I pulled a Tupperware of of the freezer today.  And what I expecting it to be one thing...


Well, it turned out to be something completely different!  And in a very good way. It was my Roasted Pumpkin-Apple Soup!  The only bummer is that I didn't have the hazelnut finishing oil or chopped hazelnuts on top :)

New Kombucha

Last night, during WF Wed. I found a new GT Kombucha flavor!!!

Its called "Passionberry Bliss"

Its ingredients include: 95% G.T's organic raw kimbucha, blackberry juice, passionfruit juice, and 100% pure love!!!!

I can't express how tasty that Pure Love is!


Gratitude March 3

1) That I've been coming home to a husband.
2) For a great meeting last night.
3) For light traffic again this morning.
4) Having a stash of cereal in my desk so I don't have to go without breakfast.
5) Knowing that my sister got out of the house today
6) For my husband.
7) For program friends. Sometimes its hard to really talk to non-program people about problems.
8) My candle at my desk and its masking abilities
9) My boss' bacon perfuming my desk.
10) That my car is very dirt free... on the outside at least.
11) My upcoming scheduled forced week-long hiatus from work... rest for me!
12) Therapy tonight!
13) Eliminating clutter from my life, even though it hurts at first... Growing Pains!
14) Having both of my parents "around"
15) Being loved, just the way I am.
16) Looking out for my own best interests.
17) Technology, and a new flavor of Kombucha!
18) That I find Peanut and granny smith apples "appropriate" and "Delicious" snacks... instead of chocolate and chips.
19) For knowing how to ask for help when I need it.
20) My Supergirl panties that make me feel invincible.

Minding Frankie

YAY a new Maeve Binchy novel!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011



1) $5.99 p/lb Salad bar at Whole Foods tonight
2) Kombucha
3) Identifying my feelings of being annoyed, frustrated and angry with my husband..., FEELING THEM, praying about them, and then turning it all over to the universe and giving my husband the dignity to live his own live, make his own mistakes, and learning his life lessons.
4) Waking up at 7:00am even though I forgot to set my alarm clock this morning.
5) my adorable primary care physician who is back from maternity leave and can leave her child at home cause she loves being a doctor.
6) Feeling that ANYTHING is possible
7) Stepping on the scale at the doctor's yesterday and feeling confident to actually LOOK at the number.
8) Weighing 136 pounds... a number from the bottom of my soul, I never thought I would EVER see (goes right back to #6)
9) Light traffic this morning.
10) Being of service at 8:30 am :)
11) Being 5 months (respectively) free of white sugar and white flour
12) Goldstar Events that helps me find new activities for Date Night and fellowship.
13) Having a job
14) Being able to learn from listening to to my supervisor on the phone
15) Having 15 things to be grateful for

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Little Swimmers

These little guys are swimming around our kitchen...


I want some!

Bath time


I love speedy shipping... especially if I pretty much paid for it. Here is my new bubble bath (and a hand cream) that was delivered yesterday... I think I placed the order on Thursday!

The company is Camille Beckman. I was first introduced to her products, about 8 years ago. I bought some glycerin hand lotion that was in this pretty tub, and it came with a baby tub to keep in my purse. I think it was the scent that was to intoxicating... English Rose... which brought be back to a time and a place that I can't actually PLACE, but my heart started pounding, so I know it must have been significant.

The two containers have stayed in my cabinet for longer than they ever should have... and because my hands have been so try, I took it out off of the bench and back into rotation (can you hear that baseball season is returning to my house?). This stuff works GREAT. Really feels like my hands become healed. I brought the baby to work where it sits in my drawer awaiting my desperate hands!

Mini essentials

I'm excited to have found their online retail website, and intend on sharing the word on this worthy product, to all, 3 of your readers :)



136 pounds

I wanna cry.