Monday, March 28, 2011

Gratitude March 28

1) a thousand gratitude lists to read during my Monday back to work, when all the serenity of a spiritual weekend has a tendency to go down the drain like after nice hot bath.
2) spending a whole weekend with my 2 close friends.
3) the delicious food I ate all weekend.
4) spending time in Montecito... aka God's Land.
5) connecting with so many women. So many STRONG woman.
6) Sharing experience at the Sexperience workshop on my retreat.
7) that I was able to leave my problems in LA this weekend.
8) the fish tacos in Ventura... InSANE!
9) Coming home to a clean, quiet home. Truly a gift from god.
10) my bath last night, complete with lit candle.
11) Sharkey's fellowship last night.
12) Sharkey's leftovers for lunch.
13) the serenity prayer... and its power.
14) a list of resentments I have in my little note book... let the step 4 work begin!
15) My dad saying something to me on Saturday that made me resent him... the door opens!
16) Kohls helping me out this morning.
17) a fridge full of food.
18) that my husband is taking care of himself, and I don't have to be involved.
19) that my shows don't hurt my feet today.
20) that yoga is in my future.

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