Sunday, March 6, 2011

At The Ballet

I went to the ballet last night in Glendale, at the Alex Theater. It was for the Los Angeles Ballet company, and it was very cool.

I might have gone to the ballet in elementary school, but if so, I was certainly too young to appreciate it. Not that kids can't. But I didn't.

Ever since the movie, Centerstage came out, oh, almost 10 years ago, I wanted to go with adult eyes and see a more modern program.

I love to watch choreography. Whether its the floor program of a gymnastic event, figure skating, cheer leading, or tap, I have always liked to see how people can move.

Last night, I saw 3 very different ways people move. The first program was very traditional ballet. Girls in tutus and guys with um... bulging, ... you get the idea.

The second was a piece that was choreographed by some woman named Sonya Tayeh. Apparently, she just put together all of Millie Cyrus' whole concert. The piece was called "My Greatest Fear." The director described it as "artistic", "Dramatic" and "interpretative" and it was! IT was dark, and weird, but definitely cool! The costumes where like sexy black bathing suits with strings everywhere. The guys wore leather pants and were shirtless.

And the final was a western theme called "Western Symphony". This was really cool, all girls on point, and western inspired tutus and funky feather hair pieced, two-stepping on toe. It was colorful and totally different from the traditional one.

I had such a nice time. Can't wait to go to another one :) They are doing Giselle in May.

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  1. I've been wanting to watch Center Stage for such a long time. I have a song on one of my CD's in my car that reminds me of one of the songs in the movie so every time I hear that song I picture the cast dancing on toe.