Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gratitude March 6,

Happy Sunday!

Today, I'm grateful for:

1) Going to the ballet last night.
2) My eyes, and thus far, not needing glasses.
3) The other BRIAN in my life, who brought me to program, and is always there, like an angel.
4) Coming home to a sober husband last night, and getting to cuddle with him in my new dress.
5) My new "out of my comfort zone" dress that I got on clearance for $24 bucks (originally $118).
6) My morning hike at runyon. And my acceptance that I will take the EASY route, so letting someone else be in charge of picking the path.
7) A whole day to myself to craft, clean, and cleanse.
8) The apples and peanut butter snack I'm eating right now, post hike.
9) The sunshine
10) Going to the George Lopez show this week... does anyone wanna go with?
11) Whole Wheat pita chips that I found at Henry's Farmer's Market yesterday... and they are good!
12) That I might just take a nap today, and I won't feel guilty about it!
13) My laptop. It might be old, and it might be slightly dysfunctional, but it does the trick, just for today.
14) My 660 Curries cookbook... what will be in store this week?
15) Being willing, even when I'm tired of being willing.
16) That my upstairs neighbors rarely EVER have parties... thank god. It was LOUD last night.

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