Wednesday, March 9, 2011


On my week off, I've been trying to take advantage and do all the things I normally don't have time for!

My friend who works for Lopez Tonight got me VIP tickets to the show. This was my first Late Night show taping, and I truly had a blast!

I was in the VERY front, and had a new hair cut, so I felt very cute.  I was SURE I would make the TV screens!  George was like 3 feet away at some points in the show.  But seeing him on stage was like going to see him do stand up. It was really cool.  Very entertaining.  Seeing Aaron Eckhart up close was very cool too. 
They only had a few pick ups to do, and they had lots of loud dance music playing all throughout the show, so I was bopping in my seat the whole time.

Last night, because I was doing my taxes, I was STILL awake to catch the broadcast of the show.  I am usually LONG asleep at midnight, but I did catch some... and can you believe I was NOT featured in the audience! I just missed the cut off for most camera shots. HEHEHE,

I did have a fun time.  I'd love to go again on my next break.

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