Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tape Dispensers

Tape Dispensers by Petunia21
Tape Dispensers, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

Seriously... how ADORABLE are these?! They had them in black pumps too. I couldn't resist... taking the photo.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Oops... I did it again!

Opps I Did it again!
Doesn't the blue flame really capture the color of me?!

I went to the Camarillo outlets on Saturday morning with Ms. K.  We headed up bright and early, with the sun shining and the wind blowing.  After QUITE a short amount of time considering this outlet WAS equipped with a Le Creuset store... I left with this "first.".

Most outlets sell "seconds" due to imperfections in sized, shape, colors, stitching and so forth.

I "picked this up" (a phrase my brother-in-law often throws around in such a manner as "I picked up a gallon of milk" but usually means "picking up a set of $500 speakers" for under a buck fifty (no, I don't mean $1.50).  It was 40% off as a first, because they were discontinuing the color! This color is Valecia. She is a 5 1/2 QT. Round French Oven weighing in at a 2-year-old.

I was really wanting to walk away with something Dijon (see below)


...but all the seconds where pretty damaged, and I could get the same size and shape for less.  Next time.

Baptized and used. All is right with the world.

Her/His name?  To be determined. Stay tuned! :)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Favorite Wax Melt

Favorite Wax Melt by Petunia21
Favorite Wax Melt, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.


Its that time of year when the bills from all the Christmas-y goodness start arriving in the dreaded mailbox, and you are getting stares from your neighbors cause the lights are still hanging outside...

I have spent the last few mornings de-Christmasing the homestead. I hate it. I am usually filled with such holiday cheer when I look at this cute little mouse candle melt (Yankee Candle doesn't usually sell cute candle melts outside of Christmas themes) so I must carefully pack it away until next year. Don't worry mama mouse, just 11 more months!

I'm about 5 boxes done. Once my Xmas bear hand towels are done drying, they too will be packed away and the rest of the boxes can be tape sealed and brought back into storage. Bah humbug.

Nice morning view

nice morning view by Petunia21
nice morning view, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

My husband is in a trade where he needs to be at the job site ready to go at 6 am. That means, arrived, parked and tools in hand on his designated floor.

Naturally, I'm still in quite a dream state when he leaves...

I got this text from him this morning. Not a bad way to start the day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh Yosemite

If the 1000+ photos I've taken at various places around Yosemite isn't enough to show you why I have thus marked it as my most amazing place on earth... perhaps this amazing video will show you. Thanks Shannon for sending me this link. Simply epic!

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

I'm never getting pregnant. Just saying.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Like Peas and Carrots

DSC_0222 by Petunia21
DSC_0222, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

I think the last time my smile was this genuine was on my wedding day. Having James visit me on the left coast was such an amazing treat!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to Hollywood

DSCN0935 by Petunia21
DSCN0935, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

I took James to my old work-hood to get a nice snap shot of the Hollywood sign. He went gallivanting all over H-wood the firs two days on foot, and never got a glimpse of it!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beary Cute Angel Ornament

DSCN0932 by Petunia21
DSCN0932, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

I made this guy post Christmas and gave it to a close friend... I want to make more. I think she's soooo cute! But I've kinda put a halt to my factory paced plastic canvas production for right now. Maybe come February I'll start the assembly line back up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

NY Pizza Eaters can relate!

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Soup Bowls

Soup Bowls by Petunia21
Soup Bowls, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

Aren't these guys so adorable? I found them at Fresh and Easy on my lunch break. I didn't come home with them since I'm kinda already cramped for space but think they will make a lovely cozy mountain cabin feel to any kitchen :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Books, books, BOOKS!

I'm not quite sure which rock I've been hiding under... I'm on the internet for about 15 hours a day between work and home.  

So its a bit of a shock to just be learning now that 3 of my favorite authors that I follow, have or will be releases new titles in the next 2 months.

Another Piece of My Heart, by Jane Green
I've Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella
Where We Belong, by Emily Giffin

Admittedly, I have been on this "historical romance kick" where I'm trying to get through the Governess Bride Series of Christina Dodd's romance novels, I have 2 or 3 more to go, where I'm slightly annoyed that 1 title is NOT in circulation at my public library system... well, it IS, but the copy is in Korean (which... I don't speak nor read). I'm currently reading My Fair Temptress.

I've had this book for over 6 weeks, cause i was on a pretty big craft streak where my waking hours would be filled with yarn, needles and plastic canvas.

I need to start breaking up my FREE time into the following categories:

1. Reading
2. Crafts
3. Cooking
4. Yoga
5. Gym
6. TV shows
7. Movies
8. Photography
9. Sign Lanugage/Spanish learning time :)
10. Blogging (naturally!)

Paula Dean Returns!

Paula Dean, this opossum, is not the only one who is still enjoying my Christmas lights still being up!


Why, Paula Dean you ask?  Well, I remember seeing this opossum when it was a weeeeee marsupial. My 90+ yea old neighbor was very concerned about its (and its siblings) well being, and would make them butter sandwiches.  This opossum would lick all the butter from the bread and move on :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Your Highness

I love dumb movies.  Live for them actually.  I'm not really into intellectual. Hurts my brain too much. That is not to say that I am stupid. But I'd prefer to laugh until I fall on the ground, rather than lose sleep with thought provoking ideas (most of the time)...

So I rented Your Highness, which stars my gal Natalie Portman.  I like that girl. Nice bum too! And James Franco. This actor, is an enigma to me, cause he does blockbusters like Spiderman... and then does some guest stars on General Hospital.  But he was funny in this movie :)

The husband had no interest in watching this movie, so I went solo a few mornings ago before work.  I captured this photo from the screen and got super excited, cause its I've BEEN there!


Its The Giant's Causeway in Northern Irelend. 


The Giant's Causeway

Wikipedia stated, that in a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers, the Giant's Causeway was named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom. The tops of the columns form stepping stones that lead from the cliff foot and disappear under the sea. Most of the columns are hexagonal, although there are also some with four, five, seven and eight sides.

Best Hat... And Mom Ever!

Best Hat... And Mom Ever! by Petunia21
Best Hat... And Mom Ever!, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

This is my mom. I love her dearly. Period.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Xmas in My Office!

Xmas in My Office! by Petunia21
Xmas in My Office!, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

I loved my office this year, decked out in my usual fashion! IT made the work day so friendly and full of the holiday spirit! I got many compliments on the decor. Made coming to work a holly jolly time of the year!

I'll probably have to start taking down the decorations... unlike those that will probably stay up through my birthday at home!