Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gratitude March 23

1) the ability to re-start my day after a tumultuous wake up.
2) finding a purple umbrella online that will be mine soon.
3) getting my mom some $$ from work for her doing me a favor.
4) people in my home town who are always there to help me and my family out.
5) the sun shining in Scotland, putting a smile on my sister's face.
6) the ability to be honest with my husband.
7) the ability to say I'm sorry honey, I'm in a bad mood. Don't take it personally.
8) my 30% off "gold card" coupon from Kohls.
9) that I'm excited for heart to heart on Friday.
10) that I have hair
11) that I have a bed to sleep in
12) the heat in my apartment last night
13) my husband's body keeping me warm
14) my friends' vhs-DVD player which I'm borrowing for a project
15) my friend working til 5 am making it impossible for us to meet up this morning for a work out
16) the hand cream in my desk drawer.
17) having an awesome tailor at my disposal
18) the avocado on my desk for a tasty snack.
19) my cousin the MD, who can talk to me about my Vit. D deficiency
20) for the ability to ask my HP for more energy in the morning.

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