Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gratitude March 22

1) being able to oversleep cause Brian is not snoring.
2) making headway on a project at home.
3) taking out salmon from the freezer for dinner tonight.
4) that hard boiled eggs are so easy to make in the morning.
5) that paypal is my new best friend, and post office.
6) Not having to go to the post office since i have pay pal.
7) That i saw a "reaction" yesterday... and I was able to make an apology and amend today to a best friend.
8) for another pair of "new" jeans I'm wearing today.
9) the loose shirt I'm wearing... wasn't this loose last time I wore it in January.
10) putting on my Big Girl panties yesterday and making a phone call to a fancy agency for work.
11) the compliment that I got from my supervisor who over heard said conversation with fancy agent.
12) the celery that I didn't eat for a snack service as an awesome vehicle for my rancho egg white salad dinner.
13) truly hearing recovery at last night's birthday celebration.
14) that brian fixed my computer yesterday.
15) ordering my wedding photos... i'm so close to being done with my photographer!
16) Nick's dark chocolate delight from last night.
17) my willingness to better my life.
18) that there is a trader joe's within walking distance at work.
19) that's I'm not sick like a few of my co-workers
20) that i had a nice conversation with my dad yesterday.

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