Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gratitude March 8th

I am grateful...

1) for falling asleep in Brian's arms last night on the couch.
2) that he made me coffee this morning, and I get to see him before he leaves for work.
3) for my haircut appointment.
4) That Christa liked the cards I made for the boutique, and told me so.
5) Seeing Marti last night, in amazing wigs... not letting anything hold her back.
6) Tickets to see George Lopez with Victoria today!
7) Water at my disposal, cause I am dehydrated!
8) That I pushed my tax appointment to Friday... cause I'm not ready!
9) That I let Brian be an adult AND a man, without MY help.
10) Letting go of MY ideas of Right & Wrong. Good & Bad. Accepting What Is.
11) For being so sore from my hike, that I was exhausted... just existing yesterday!
12) My new Costco membership
13) The artichokes I'm gonna make tonight.
14) Lexulous/Scrabble - keeping me in touch with peeps in Scotland, NY, NH and Kenya!
15) Big Hugs!

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