Friday, March 18, 2011

Gratitude March 18

1) For it being Friday.
2) For using my new tools, and ridding my house of all the crap I was secretly keeping.  That food does not serve me anymore.
3) For my "brand new" clothes that my therapist's mom's housekeeper altered for me for a ridiculous price.
4) For finding a fast way to my therapist's office.
5) For having 20 minutes to eat my dinner (since I was early to therapy) over looking the valley from Mulholland Drive.
6) For being willing to change my perspective.
7) For the amazing appreciation I have for the growth of the husband and I.
8) My husband working Saturday... I'll have some time to myself to journal.
9) To be calling up some heavy hitting agents in the TV business... makes me feel more important.
10) Learning about Vitamin D, and how important it is.
11) Having a place to go to tonight.
12) Being able to visualize flicking off the ANTs (ancillary negative thoughts) off of my shoulders when those creepy little bastards start climbing all over me!
13) To hear that my husband is doing a great job at work.
14) To know that not doing something is a choice.
15) To know that today, I don't have to deal with tomorrow.

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