Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gratitude March 24

1) tomorrow is Friday, and my Heart to Heart weekend.
2) My Whole Foods dinner last night, weighing UNDER a pound.
3) Crackers on sale on WF last night.
4) The shower I took this morning.
5) Sleeping til 7:30, and NOT beating myself up about it.
6) Listening to my husband's complaining, and telling him that I have compassion for him.
7) the journalling I did yesterday at lunch time.
8) off loading more food from my trunk... feels lighter every day!
9) my car... it served as a barricade last night from a crazy man.
10) standing up straight at work.
11) to emily who inspires me to open up photoshop.
12) that i'm warm at work... a nice change from freezing.
13) that I realized I'm scared to leave the comfort of my job... and that I'm probably stuck.
14) that I have lunch today.
15) That breakfast is at work, and I didn't have to think about it this morning.
16) That I'm gonna check off a few more things off of my list of things to do.
17) the hope of a 4 hour hike next weekend.
18) that I found some energy to do squats and 7 flights of stairs yesterday.
19) Sharkey's fellowship on Sunday... they have an awesome whole wheat pizza thingy.
20) that i'm not sick like many of my co-workers.

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