Monday, March 21, 2011

Gratitude March 21

1) Getting a paycheck this Friday
2) My "new" Jeans.
3) Heart to Heart this weekend.
4) Date Morning with my husband yesterday.
5) Eating Irish Oatmeal with my husband.
6) Fellowship on Friday night.
7) Having a place to go on Friday when my husband wasn't in town.
8) Having a therapist that calls me back when I need help.
9) Being able to reason things out with Jessi about a disturbing phone call with my dad.
10) Arriving home safely after driving to La Verne for a meeting.
11) Kathy taking "our" photo. I love that woman.
12) For the 3 Trader Joe bags full of food that no longer serves me... in my trunk, and NOT in my cabinet.
13) Selling 2 more things on Ebay.
14) Lunch with Nestor.
15) For my husband giving the back of my legs a massive massage and like POOF, my sore legs where gone!
16) Bath time, and all the self love that comes with that :)
17) Buying a book, and taking some time this weekend to read.
18) Sunland Produce, and $27 dollars worth of produce that will keep me nourished for 2 weeks.
19) The soup that I made on Saturday, that was AMAZING on a rainy Sunday!
20) Learning my boundaries and the importance of them, and how I can keep them.

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