Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gratitude March 12

1) I am grateful for the sunshine this morning, and knowing that I'll see more light when I get off of work.
2) I am grateful for a great visit with my nieces yesterday.
3) Playing catch in my new nearby park.
4) Exposing my nieces to Indian food.
5) Hearing "this is my new favorite food ever!" out of their mouths.
6) Not worrying who paid the bill.
7) A day to journal...I need it.
8) Making an entire tray of "normy" brownies and not eating a bite.
9) Successful spelt pancakes recipe complete.
10) Fellowship at Sharkey's today.
11) My brother in law servicing my computer.
12) I can see my rug today... now I can vacuum it.
13) The realization that I bring on a majority of my own chaos.
14) Learning to let go of old ideas and habits.
15) Just needing to do today.
16) Knowing that God is on my side, and not against me.
17) Having friends that understand me.
18) Having a great week off.
19) My hands.
20) My legs.

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