Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Letter to Self #1

Dear Petunia,

It must feel terribly frustrating to want sugar when you are consciously deciding to eliminate it from your diet.  And when people in the office can sense your need/want, and offer up delicious Dove Dark Chocolate bites...

And when your mind starts to justify why you "deserve" to have some... that's the real killer.  Because, YES, you are great, and deserve all you want for your hard efforts at home and work.

But let me remind you, now that I have validated your feelings, that you DID have 1/2 Trader Joe's Peppermint Oreo last night.  And that spoonful of your homemade Nutella this morning (proof by the scoop mark in the container in below's post) was quite sugary...

And let me just put it out there, to help you shift your perception (this is probably not gonna go over well with you, but I must say it...)  Its not what you are denying yourself, but what you are rewarding yourself with... good health, happy insides, and clearer skin, and eventually soon... size 4 jeans (just saying).

So, the decision is yours.



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