Thursday, January 31, 2013

Holy BBQ Batman

Dinner #1 included... some authentic Texas Barbecue!

We went to a spot called The Salt Lick in Round Rock.  

As soon as you walked through the doors, you're hit with the pit on the right hand side of the restaurant.  Not to mention the intoxifying essence of slow cooked meat and a slathering of sauce... YUM.


After a new minutes of studying the menu, and I studied it like an exam, I opted for the Pork Ribs Plate (it was a head to had race between that and the pulled pork plate)  The 3 huge ribs were accompanied by potato salad, cole slaw & beans along with some bread, pickles and onions.

I mean, come on. Check out my end piece with all that fat!

This little piggy went to the market, and did NOT die in vain.  I could have knocked off a few more ribs.



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