Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Escape from LA

If you are a terrible flyer, but want to get used to the experience, may I suggest a trip from LA to Las Vegas.  But the time you reach cruising altitude, look out the window to see the desert, you are already strapping yourself in, closing your trays, and bracing for landing.... Its pretty amazing.

And if you're from LA and have never NEEDED to see the inside of the Las Vegas airport, here is a glimpse...


After getting a quick snack from a food vendor, I lined up like a kid in school in number order to board the plane (Gotta love Southwest) where they told us that the plane holds 175 passengers, and there was only 77 people on the flight....

Needless to say, I (along with about 76 others) had their very own isle!

leg room

I got a little nap in, but not before snapping a terrible photo of Lake Mead...



And a part of the Grand Canyon (the tail of the Southern Rim)


This was the best flight I've taken in a long time. Roomy and relaxing.

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