Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year's 2013

This photo is from Christmas, but it is the feeling that was conveyed the last 24 hours.

We feasted. We shouted and cheered and blew horns and popped poppers, and after the dust all settled, we all chilled out and hung out on the couch this new year.

I love doing almost absolutely nothing on January 1. Which FEELS wrong when my whole life seems to be about moving onward and upward!  But just for today, I eat and hug and eat and watch til its time to call it a night, and the 2013 work life officially begins tomorrow.

First experience of the new year... I cooked bacon in the oven! Just like Ina Garten does on her Barefoot Contessa show.


I did NOT add the maple syrup, but the bacon was crispy and all the fat dropped to the bottom of the cookie sheet.

I will probably never make bacon in a pan again!

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