Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dream BIG

While I'm here in Austin, my 'hostess with the mostest' DOES have to keep working while I'm playing.  It all isn't running around and site-seeing... a new thing for me.

Generally when I'm on "Vacation" its non-stop moving from dawn til... I drop.  (Sounds relaxing huh?)

The weather here has been really really pleasant.  Cool (60s) and breezy with the right amount of sun.  During this downtime of work, I am trying to figure out what else my life is supposed to be about... deep stuff.

So this "downtime" is actually really relaxing.  I took a nap my first day here... can you believe that Mom? A Nap? While on vacation!

I was just outdoor playing fetch with Molly with the sun shining and thought to myself... I do NOT want to sit at a desk for the rest of my life... Therefore I'd say that I did my day's amount of career self discovery. I'll just add that to my career vision board!

Miss Molly

And I've had this mini poster sitting on my desktop for a while, waiting to be blogged.

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