Friday, June 3, 2011


Wednesday, I went to my "regular" yoga practice before work, but spotted this yummy treat on the side of the class.

Actor, Neil Jackson

I actually have met Neil before, outside my office. I gushed and named dropped, cause he worked on a show that my friend was working on too.

Today, We was actually behind me... hence, making me really make sure I was keeping my tailbone tucked in, sucking my belly button to my spine, and trying to keep my boobs stuck out... (not sure if this was a proper technique, but I say, it couldn't hurt right?)

He actually suggested, like a boisterous teen-age boy "Lets to handstands!"  I said so he could hear me "thanks Neil" in a begrudged voice... but it was cool. Cause I totally was next to him!  (okay, my inner star-struck 15 year old  was totally practicing yoga today, and not my Hollywood accustomed 31 year old true self)

Cool thing was... I actually was able to kick myself up on the wall and do a wall supported handstand!  I was so excited, holding myself up on the wall, taking and making adjustments from Trisha (the instructor) and... SMILING!!!

It was great! so, yeah, THANKS NEIL!

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