Sunday, June 26, 2011

Flamer has gone Mexican!

Flamer, my 3 1/2 QT. Le Creuset Braiser has mostly played a key role in my Indian curries cookings.

But I was inspired by my friend Jeanna's Eetlust blog:  She just purchased her 2nd Le Creuset piece in just under under 8 days from buying her first one (I'm so proud of her...I swear, they multiply by themselves!). She blogged a few weeks ago about the frittata that she made with her new little LC frying pan.

I have Brenda, my 8 inch skillet that lives upon Sonny a 2 1/2 Qt sauce pan... but there are 2 of us here in this household, so I felt that the 8 inch skillet was not big enough for breakfast...

So, I decided to use Flamer, who was still drying from last night's Indian delight.  I opened up to the fridge to see who wanted to play this morning... and it was spinach!

We went to costo last week, and I have this enormous go to bag of spinach that is already pre-washed and ready to go! I cut up an onion and sauteed for a few minutes. Thew in 3 huge handfuls of spinach and let it wilt down.  then I added a few scrambled eggs some parmasan cheese, and then threw some mozzarella cheese.

Then I threw that puppy in the broiler... something I have YET to do in Flamer... or any of pans!  It was quite exhilarating! Once all the cheese was melted I took it out and voila! My first ever frittata!


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