Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Back" on the mend

Well, after months of having a bad back... I finally went to the chiropractor! 

I tried to go to my General Practitioner back in February... looking for a referral.   She didn't give me one. She told me to do some back exercises to strengthen my back. I tried, and I think i was succeeding for a bit. The pain went away for a while. Any morning where I didn't ache was cause for celebration.

But now, the pain was more intense... sharp pains in my lower left back.  Enough to finally make me find a chiropractor.

Very long story very short... I have no chiropractic coverage! So I went to a doctor that was referred to be by friend. 

1) he was very hot.
2) he used this on me:

3) back feels better already!

Now, to practice what he told me to do, Sit right, exercises and balls.


  1. Where did he put that? -- Janelle

  2. Hey! Can I have the very hot doctor's information? Anyone will be better than the whack-a-doo I was seeing!