Sunday, June 26, 2011

Indian Saturday Night!

Yesterday morning, while eating our spelt banana pecan pancakes, Brian chose Pyaaz Murghi... Breasts of Chicken in an Onion-Turmeric Sauce out of our 660 curries cook book by Raghavan Iyer


This is how we normally how we go about finding the perfect weekend curry... Brian looks through, picks one, he reads the ingredients while I am standing at attention in front of the spice cabinet and fridge to see if we have enough ingredients to do it!

As he reads: canola oil, CHECK. Turmeric... CHECK. ..... Punjabi garam masala......... CHECK!  I was thrilled! I had made punjabi garam masala a few months ago.  The recipe I was using it for made more than what the day's recipe called for.  I had an extra small glass jar and labeled it and stuck it in my spice cabinet.  I knew I'd use it again one day, but was thrilled when I was able to pull it out so quickly!  Being organized helps to make life more manageable!


This is certainly a "during" photo. And I was too hungry to take an "after". But imagine a darker color yellow from the garam masala all sprinkled with green from the fresh cilantro and strips of julienne ginger. We put it over brown rice and served with some roasted cauliflower.  YUMMY! (almost zero leftovers!)

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