Monday, September 24, 2012


A coworker has been aiding in making the workplace more pleasant and luxuriating by mixing her own flavored waters! She got 2 tall glass juice jars and has been filling both with combinations of mint, cucumber and lemon and lime.

I decided I must bring this idea home since most of my beverage in my fridge consist of water, milk, coconut water and the occasional Kombucha.

I had my eye on these Weck Canning Jars (previously posted here in Kilner Vs. Weck )

I love these jars cause as you can see, you can CAN things in them, but use then for your OJ too!

I went to William Sonoma yesterday specifically for them because:
a) I had a $25 gift certificate
b) If you stay for their "Technique Class, you recieve 10% off your entire purchase that day.
3) The lesson was on braising, which I know not much about

So I did some calculation. I could get both the glass jars (which come in a set of 3) AND the adorable Chalk Board Labels (see above and below) for the lovely price of $2.30!

(I can not even begin to tell you how indescribable adorable I find this style of jar... especially after seeing it in person. Gosh the beans I could store in that!  ... just saying)

So, getting back to WS... when I got to the class, ALL OF THE CANNING SUPPLIES were on sale for 15% off!  So when the lovely lady rang me up... that was 15% off the items PLUS 10% off that total amount!!! I left with a buck and change still on the gift card!

I couldn't wait to rush home and create beauty and variety in my own fridge.  I went to the Farmer's Market and picked up some fresh Organic Mint and TaDA!

Cucumber and Mint, Chocolate and Coconut Ice Tea, Mint

My only regret when taking this photo this morning, was that I tuckered myself out yesterday and didn't apply the Chalk Board Labels.  I also don't have chalk hehehe. So the next time I'm out, I'll have to pick some up. I can't wait to try out new flavor combinations.  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated!

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