Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Beans Beans Are Good for Your Heart...

This past weekend, when I was at my WS braising demonstration, the lady cooked with these sort of Heirloom beans that are grown up in Nor Cal.  They were so plump and delicious.  After we sampled them, she directed her arm to the corner where there was THIS book on a shelf.

I've been getting to know these little legume more and more as I try to steer away from a diet rich in animal protein.  Not to mention, the dried beans look amazing in my glass mason jars.

I've been making (soaking, cooking, and then adding) a lot of lentils and chick peas for the last few weeks. Last night, I even successfully made chick peas where they were NOT al dente tasting... I started to wonder if al dente was the way beans that do not come out of a can taste like!   But if turns out... if you soak for 10-12 hours in COLD water, it works much better than if you let them soak in boiling hot water! (I don't know where I just came up with that instruction!)... but, I digress.

I was thinking that this beautiful book would go beautifully with my other two STAPLE books on my cabinets:

Are you listening Santa?

Just saying...

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