Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Wearable Pumpkin Spice Lattes

As I flip through the pages of the catalogs that arrive daily, I can't help stopping on uber cozy thick sweaters. 

As I type this, I'm freezing my bum off at work, 77 degrees outside and about 31 degrees inside. I am literally wearing a long sleeve cardigan and sitting under my electric blanket, which is engaged.

Much to my own surprise, after see this Hooded Sweater Coat sold by Victoria Secret for only a few seconds, had found myself clicking "Click to confirm purchase" on their website.  Normally, I would ponder and assess and debate my purchases.  This one took 3 minutes.

I think it had me at "hood."  It has arrived, and I love it.

This morning, while watching some TV and again, flipping through the latest catalog (VS catalogs seem to come 2 times a week) I found this and immediately thought "I WANT THAT TOOOOO!" Its called a Multi-way Tunic Sweater

Again, I think what first drew me to this was the hood.  And then the color(s).

While this piece has not been added to any shopping cart (just yet),

I love how it is a multi-tasker...

  • You can wear with this hood

  • You can wear it with the cowl neck  

***Have you checked out the POCKETS!*** 

  • You can off just 1 shoulder

  • You can wear it without the cowl neck  

I also love these two colors.  Wisteria Woods & Plum Tart.  Other colors available are Heather Grey, Feather Grey Heather and Black.

I think I've been craving clothing that feel like they are... hugging me back!  Welcome to Fall!

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