Friday, September 21, 2012

Love... and Cutco

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas... well, not really. Not here in SoCal. 

But then again, I haven't been in the stores for a while so it's possible that there are trees and decorations spewed about with all our best Jewish musicals singing our best Christmas songs! 
Mom has made it a tradition that each year, she gives the gift that keeps on giving... knives. Cutco knives to be specific.  I've almost got the whole set! And each new year, I tuck my knife set in little sleeping bags and ship them back to the company for a complimentary sharpening and replacing (if need be).  That is the service you get with a knives that cost as much as a 20 piece set at Ikea.

Love a life time guarantee...

... just saying... mom.

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