Monday, September 17, 2012

Wi Special

Yup... this happened.


 Wi SPECIAL (Moisturize & Hydrate) 120min 

This head to toe, exfoliating treatment that has been practiced in Korea for generations. Utilizing exfoliating pads and cloths, the body is polished with a Milk Body Scrub to gently remove dead skin cells leaving one's complexion looking refreshed and revitalized, while feeling soft and hydrated. Once the skin has been primed, a Swedish-inspired massage is performed with Aromatherapy Oils that promote unique healing properties as they soften and nourish. Next, a Pure Gold Powder and Serum Wrap is applied, leaving the skin's texture with a slim and well-hydrated appearance. A soothing Hydro Comfort Cream is put on, leaving the body with a supple appearance. Lastly, a firming Collagen and cooling Cucumber Facial Mask is applied and allowed to set, while one's hair is Shampooed and Conditioned to wash away any remaining tension. 

And after such an amazing treatment, my spa buddies and I ate some amazing Korean food and curled up on a mat and... SLEPT OVER at the spa!  In the morning, we had another quick dip in a hot tub and hit up the dry saunas.  It was the most relaxing Saturday night I've had in a LONG time! 

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