Sunday, July 22, 2012

Kilner Vs. Weck

For the 2 of you that follow this blog, you might have realized I have a new fascination with glass preserving jars, migrating away from the plastic Tupperware and Rubbermaid that has filled my cabinets for most of my life. Ball Jars, which are made in the USA have taken up about 6 shelves in my kitchen. I love them, but have been for other pretty presentational and functional food holders. I've gone to a few Canning demonstrations at William Sonoma this month. And at WS, they have a few different types. Containers that hold milk ala milk man delivery services.

On the WS website, I came across these Kilner Jars, which are native to England.

I've had my eye on these the last couple of times while at WS. I always walked out of the store sans glass jars cause I'm still trying to figure out how to purge the plastic in my cabinets.  I was on the verge today, when I decided to do a quick check on where these jars were made.  I was quite certain that they were made in Englad due to the high price tag they held.  But I could not confirm this because for the life of me, I could find no tag to tell me.  

It wasn't until I got home and checked the website of WS. And even at that, I had to click on the secondary tab for "more info" for it to tell me... these are made in China.  Sadly for me, I will not be buying these. Not unless they were designed and created in China, which they are not.

I did discover Weck.

Check out all the cool jars you can have fun with!  These jars are created and made in Germany. It said it on the display sign in WS and on the first tab on the website.  They're cuter too!


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