Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Dream Cabinets

My new motto in life is "don't wait until tomorrow, what you can do today."
My New BabyI really exercised this when my refrigerator dies almost 1/2 year back. I had some back and forth with the husband about a replacement. I knew that I wanted a French door fridge with the freezer on the bottom. But I didn't feel like I wanted to wait until we "bought a home" before I could have my dream fridge. So we bought my 95% dream fridge despite the fact that we are still apartment renters... and I could not be happier. This fridge brings me happiness every time I open it up... still!
Fast forward to my "dream home" cabinets will be filled with beautifully simple glass ball mason jars filled with all the colors of nature. Dried beans of all shades. Nuts, grains, dried fruit. "Why wait until you buy a home Petunia?!" I asked myself on Friday! I ran out and bought 2 cases of mason jars of 2 sizes. I ran to Whole Foods and bought my favorite beans, all 100% Organic and on Saturday while the husband was working, I re-arranged my kitchen. I put spices in a drawer, and made this old spice cabinet into my dream mini-cubbard. Cinnamon sticks in a 1/2 pint jar, and slivered almonds. Red lentils, oats, chia seeds. All the colors of nature bursting out of my face!
Simplicity  The top of this cabinet is filled with other grains. Baby steps. But I LOVE it. And it makes me happy to be exactly where I am, just for today!.

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