Wednesday, May 30, 2012


This morning I received a reminder about a $10 off coupon that's gonna expire on June 2nd. "Don't let it go to waste" it reads... blaaaah TRIGGER! We don't WASTE things in my family of origin! So here is what I have my eye on...

God... yes, these are all platform and 5 inches high!

$39.94 (originally $70)

I don't have any red shoes. I love the weaving pattern of these.

Compare at $65.00
These for some reason, remind me of my grandmother and my sister (my sister has a scarf that reminds me of these pumps. They look so feminine!  (and I love the price... and the name)
Compare at $60.00
These scream party to me. I know I've posted about these in the past.  I mean, under some black jeans! Too bad I don't "club" anymore. And that most of my friends are married :)
Compare at $70.00
God, and I love brown. I think I could wear these a lot.  Again, I love the weaving pattern.

I've also come to the conclusion, that I don't think I look good in flats. I don't think I know how to walk like a girl in them. I think heals help me shift my hips! ... just throwing that out there :)

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