Sunday, May 6, 2012

Brazilian Nuts

Brazilian Nuts by Petunia21
Brazilian Nuts, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

Calm down... these are the ones you eat... wait. Scratch that. Dirty birds.

I have always seen these nuts. First in some huge mixed assortment of unshelled nuts that my dad would bring home from the supermarket. Something about the cracking of the nuts with the nut cracker was always fun. I masted almonds and walnuts, but always stayed away from the funny looking bumpy ones...

Fast forward to a few days ago. I had gotten my own assortment of mixed nuts from Sprouts as a "healthy" trail mix. And these huge guys were all in my little cup. I don't know why I hesitated to eat them, (I always yell at the husband for not trying things). As I took nibbles... I couldn't exactly place what these huge nuts tasted like and then it sort of hit me...

like POTATO CHIPS... unsalted, but that is the essence I got. And well, I'm a person that really likes potato chips :)

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