Monday, July 25, 2011


I was tickled pink to finally have a caring-is-sharing Costco buddy! Now that Lisa lives 3 doors down, we went in on :

A huge bag of spinach - $3
A big bag of broccoli - $4
60 Eggs - $4
6 Heads of Romain hearts - $3

So, for about 8 bucks, we got a nice amount of produce that can be eaten in a reasonable amount of time. In the past, I had such a hard time passing up sucha good producer price, but felt like I was on a game show trying to eat everything out of my fridge before the time was up... or in this case, the mold for fuzz started to form.

Once I get out the food processor... I get out the food processor!

I made:

My fresh salsa
A cabbage slaw salad from a head of cabbage I bought.

My basil plant was in desperate need of some harvesting, so I picked off 8 cups worth of leaves and made fresh pesto for both Lisa and our household!

This morning, I made a date syrup that Michelle had found me a recipe for. Another natural sweetener, and by golly... its SWEET!

I am having quite a good time cooking up all these very healthy treats to keep in the fridge!

I kinda want to create my own little labels for the. Hee Hee.

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