Monday, May 30, 2011

My Shredded Carrots

I am a bulk buyer... Love the "big warehouse stores".  Costco, would be a preferred name for a puppy.

I got a rather LARGE bag of carrots a few weeks back with "big intentions" of things to do.  I got as far as shredding them with my food processor.  But they sat... ready for sprinkling into salads, or into eggs, or what have you.  A few times, they actually made it into the turkey meatloaf I made last Monday, and some turkey burgers I made a few days before that.  But still, a bulk of the them sat in a mountainous pile in one of my best Tupperware.

I was looking yesterday on the web for "quick", "Easy", "Few" ingredients to make... But nothing really jumped out.  They all either required cooking (I don't really care for cooked carrots unless in meatloaf or turkey burgers), or they all had sugar.

So, I improvised...

I made this quick little salad up since I'm about to go to an impromptu bbq. I have found the best way for me to NOT suffer on my new eating plan, is to bring my own delicious food.


shredded carrots
apple cider vinigar
agave nectar

I tossed the apple cider vinegar, salt and agave into a bowl to dilute the nectar, and disperse the salt.  Then I tossed over the carrots that I already sprinkled with raisins.  Shook it up, then added a few shakes of cinnamon just for a little something different.

It COULD use a crunch... but I'm not there yet.  I already have some slivered almonds in another dish, otherwise, I might have thrown those in.  None the less, I think this tastes good on its own, or perhaps tomorrow, I can throw some of this into a bowl of romaine lettuce.

This taste good with some peanuts thrown in! I've been doing that at work! 

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