Monday, May 9, 2011

Gratitude May 9th

1) To not be a mom... yet. After spending less then 24 hours with my 3 year old god son, I realized how much work mothering is!
2) That I'm alive to live another day... my brother in law lost one of his best friends yesterday... 40 years old, of a brain tumor.
3) The amazing heart pumping hike I took on Saturday.
4) Falling, and having a friend to help pick me up and offering a hand every time the ground started to come up from under me.  A lot of symbolism there, and I'm grateful for it, and the hand.
5) Being human... and being able to fall.
6) That my husband is officially an indentured electrician apprentice, and I, the wife of an indentured electrician apprentice.
7) That my mom is so handy with a sewing machine and can fix and create stuff.
8) The blanket that supported my bum knee this morning for many yoga poses.
9) The vacant bathroom after practice this morning... getting dressed all to myself.
10) 1 extra day of free yoga when I thought it expired yesterday!
11) PUPPY LOVE... my girlfriend got a 3 month old puppy yesterday... and I got to cuddle with Ms. Stella!
12) Fellowship post meeting yesterday... and all the left overs!
13) Being treated to a fancy Mother's Day Brunch and wearing a new dress.
14) My swollen head from all the compliments I got yesterday... I'm so thankful for people's kind words!
15) That I can walk so well in high heeled sandals.
16) A great speaker for Wed. Night.
17) The beginning of a career for my husband tonight.
18) That I can be loving and kind to others, but more importantly to myself.
19) Taking care of myself, and my sister on Friday, by detaching.
20) A camping trip this weekend!

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