Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Got Beans?

I was told that the law of the vacuum is "if you make space for something, it has to be filled". I was also told "get rid of things that no longer serve you, to make room for things that do"... On Sunday, I weeded through about 15 cook books that I have collected over the years. Since my diet is pretty restrictive now (for mainstream standards) I found maybe 1 or 2 recipes per cook book to keep.

I busted out my scanner, and grabbed the few relevant future meals, and set aside most of the cook books to be donated or sold in an upcoming yard sale.

When I got home on Tuesday night... there was a huge container/box on the counter (the mail collection box).  For the life of me, I couldn't remember what I ordered THIS time, but as I tore it open, my Bean By Bean cookbook (talked about in THIS post) was staring at me in the the face!

I gasped! Why? Cause the Universe will provide. You don't have to know how, or when or why... I am learning just to trust and enjoy.

And just like I KNEW it would... the above picture is EXACTLY how I envisioned my new addition to the family... right next to my herbs and spices cookbook and right next to the Flavor Bible.

My cookbook staples are really exciting me! I wanna run home and cook some more!

Thank you my fairy kitchen Mother J... you're simply the best!

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  1. Love you much. Start cooking things and overnighting them to NY. :)