Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pinky update... I know, you were dying to know!

Man, I'm was glad to see that when I took my boots off yesterday, yeah, I still work semi-heals to work... it was a shoot day... that my toe's swelling went down a bit. I think my toe looks a little straighter too!  I'm happy to be able to bend all 5 toes (not tight, but something).

My friend's mom (who is a nurse) took a look at yesterday's post and said it looked like my toe was broken and that I should wrap it with the next toe in command.  Since I was at work, I did this with some handy dandy scotch tape.

 When I got home, I showed it to the Husband and then put some some more medicinal tape.  It kinda has the shape of the Penguin's hand in 2nd Batman with Danny DaVito.  That shape of his claw? Pincher? Really seems to have stood out in my mind.

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