Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Welcome Home, Tazz.

Well, after wanting one for 11 years, and deciding I no longer wanted to wait to buy myself one as a home warming gift (for a new house or townhouse), I purchased my Vitamix. A 7500 to be exact... in Black.

Here she is buckled up from the UPS pick up station.

I named her TAZZ!

First Run Through

Here we are making our first morning smoothie with her.  Bananas and oranges! YUM.

Brian enjoys!

'Daddy' was happy with her results as well!

Tazz, like her sisters and cousins, does NOT come cheap.  Vitamix is a machine of its own kind. Don't bother comparing it to a food processor or a blender.  They carry a 2.2 horse power engine, can blend ice cubes into hot boiling sound in 10 minutes or less, and can puree an apple just from dropping the whole thing into the base.

She has a 5-7 year warranty and is made in the good old USA.  BPA free as well.

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