Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Most Awesome Thermos!

I got the husband this cool small thermos container (that comes with its own spoon) when he was taking oatmeal in the morning to work (cause it really works very well just adding boiling water to dry oatmeal along with your fun additions, and letting it sit for about 15 minutes all sealed up)
I began to get jealous and would "borrow" it when he was not using his!  Well, I finally found a PETUNIA version! It arrived yesterday and I am so thrilled!


Its color is called "Cranberry" where as the husband's was "midnight blue"

thermos 2

Its got a great fold up spoon so you never have to be without a utensil
thermos 3

 You can eat out of the tin, or you can pour the contents into the small lid/cup (better for soups and such)


My oatmeal this morning!!!! Thrilled with it!

And if you use this properly, and hot temper or cold temper, hot will stay hot for 7 hours and cold will stay cold for 9 hours!!!! 

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