Friday, November 16, 2012

Let the Layering begone!

Thus far, I still have not ventured into my cave of a storage until to swap out my "summer clothes" with my "winter clothes"

I have very few long sleeve shirts in my "summer clothes" wardrobe so my work attire has been a sequence of layering and re-layering clothes.  My Hooded Sweater Coat has been pretty much on my body since November started.

I've been checking almost religiously, daily, to see if/when my "multi tunic" would go on sale from THIS post.

Well Hallelujah! It finally happened.  The darn thing finally went on sale. Mom rarely bought anything without a sale or a coupon going on.  I chose the Wisteria Woods color... I know. Purple.  Its so hard for me to stay away from purple.  I had a boss who would comment on it.  I actually became self conscious of my purple picking while shopping.  But oh well, I don't work for her anymore!

And in the spirit of picking up some other sale items, I got some V neck thermals.  Something that I can dress up for work, and down for when I'm at home.  A nice in between outfit change since going from "Work Clothes" (9am-5pm) and Pjs (5:30 pm - 8am) was no longer acceptable in my house.



And an extra bonus when I bought these shirts, was that I got a free scarf!  I chose "winter white".

I'm pretty pleased.  Now if only my package would come already! I'm ready to shed some layers!

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