Saturday, January 7, 2012

Books, books, BOOKS!

I'm not quite sure which rock I've been hiding under... I'm on the internet for about 15 hours a day between work and home.  

So its a bit of a shock to just be learning now that 3 of my favorite authors that I follow, have or will be releases new titles in the next 2 months.

Another Piece of My Heart, by Jane Green
I've Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella
Where We Belong, by Emily Giffin

Admittedly, I have been on this "historical romance kick" where I'm trying to get through the Governess Bride Series of Christina Dodd's romance novels, I have 2 or 3 more to go, where I'm slightly annoyed that 1 title is NOT in circulation at my public library system... well, it IS, but the copy is in Korean (which... I don't speak nor read). I'm currently reading My Fair Temptress.

I've had this book for over 6 weeks, cause i was on a pretty big craft streak where my waking hours would be filled with yarn, needles and plastic canvas.

I need to start breaking up my FREE time into the following categories:

1. Reading
2. Crafts
3. Cooking
4. Yoga
5. Gym
6. TV shows
7. Movies
8. Photography
9. Sign Lanugage/Spanish learning time :)
10. Blogging (naturally!)

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