Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whole Wheat Stuffing

Whole Wheat Stuffing by Petunia21
Whole Wheat Stuffing, a photo by Petunia21 on Flickr.

I know that Thanksgiving is supposed to be about the turkey... I mean family... I mean gratitude...

I have to be honest... for me, its about the Stuffing. And ONLY about the stuffing.

Last year, I had to fore go stuffing because I had begun the process of cleansing my body of all grains, white sugar and flour. It was quite hard for me to smell the Stove Top and stay clear away from it. But I did.

This year was gonna be different. I didn't want to miss out, but decided that I didn't have to succumb to the crap that's in prepackaged stuffing mix (albeit extremely tasty!)

I took a loaf of this Whole Wheat seeded bread from Whole Foods and cut it up into cubes. I thew it in the oven and toasted the pieces. They I let it sit out for a day or two to get nice and dry. Then I sauteed some celery and onions (bought that already chopped from Ralphs, a little luxury for me) and threw in some sage and marjoram, chicken stock and into the pot went the bread.

It wasn't Stove Top, it was a heartier version. The bread remained dense, but really it turns out for me, stuffing is really sage and marjoram.

This will be a repeat offender for the coming thanksgivings. I might add some ground pork and mushrooms too since I don't think the husband ate any of mine. No sense is not catering to my own desires for the future :)

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