Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Day

I remembered today 7/8ths the way through the current book I was reading, why in fact am obsessed with Historical romance Novels... The sex... and the inevitable, MANDATORY happy endings!  When titles such as  "Rules of Surrender", "Rules of Engagement", "Rules of Attraction" and "In My Wildest Dreams" etc... let me spoil you, oh 4 readers... the governess ALWAYS ends up with the Prince/Lord/Duke or Viscount. There is no doubt. Its kinda a rule...

Not the case with other popular bestselling books.  And this is usually why I stay away from anything hard hitting... You won't see me sitting under an umbrella on a Dominican beach with the Kite Runner, or sitting in a coffee shop with The Song of Salomon, or curled in the nook of my couch with Marlee and Me.  Its just not gonna happen... (was on edge after book 4 of the Harry Potter series!)

Its no different than Romantic Comedies never willing Oscars... Its always the hard hitting movies like Precious or Boys Don't Cry that land those statues in glass cases or over fireplaces. 

It was suggested to me by my friend Anne that I read David Nicholl's "One Day" rather then paying the $5.25 to see Anne Hathaway at my local theater.  I put the book on reserve and announced to Anne that I was number 356 in line for the copy at the LAPL system...

Fast forward 8 months and I finally got my copy.

Anne and I read such "Chick lit" fiction such as Emily Giffen's Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a few other titles.  Not always as predictable as the historical romance genre, I can usually pin point at least 1/2 way through the book how it will end...

But I didn't get that feeling until day 5 of book reading with fewer than 40 pages to finish... I won't give the book away.  This is no fairytale. Nuff said.  And I hate feeling anything other than elation. I get enough feelings from watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

Let me not give you the wrong impression... I liked the book.  It was nice to dance for a week outside my comfort zone.  The premise of the book was cool too... It takes place over 20 years on July 15th St. Swithin's Day.

Some of the book takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland and having been there, it was fun to be able to feel transported a bit.  Especially to Arther's Seat :)

I'm gonna try my hand next at  Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" series.  Another suggestion from some pretty awesome women :)

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