Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seriously, I'm sick.

Some gals out there love them some Prada, or Coach, or Louis Vuitton... 

but me, 


I have idea why...
Maybe because for as far back as I remember, I was a "lunch bringer".  I only bought lunch on very special occasions (Pizza Friday), or when they were having "Chicken Patty on a bun, with mixed veggies and milk..."

When I reached adulthood, I soon saw how quickly the bank account would drop when I would go out for lunch... Nowadays even 1 time a week is even a lot.

I generally bring last night's left overs for lunch today. Or maybe a big salad.  Cans of soup fill a drawer at work in case I'm in a pinch or run out of time in the morning.

I guess maybe that's where my love of lunchboxes/bags/coolers come from.

I had this cute rounded purple "old fashion construction worker" lunch box for the longest time. I still have it, but the inside liner is kinda old and gross and smells... seriously, I remember bringing Lean Cuisines in that bag when I was in High School working my job at AC Moore.

I also have this lunch bag. 


She's amazing.  She has this awesome pocket in the front that I keep absolutely nothing in... (being honest)...  She fits a good work day's amount of food.  I would say a solid 2 meals and snacks!  Very helpful for a 10 hour work day.  And being that I eat selectively these days, must come armed for the day with my snacks and beverages.

I have a baby sister bag too...


She is good for 1 good breakfast or lunch.  Mostly these days, she is assigned to the big refrigerator at work where I keep cheese, turkey peperoni, or carrots to snack on.  Kinda like a reserve spot. This bag also doubles as a DSLR case when I'm flying. Fits 1 camera and 1 extra lens and my charger :)

I also have this one.  I use this one when I don't have a lot of food to bring to work, and the one above is still stationed at work.  

This one is great because when it gets dirty, I can just throw it into the washing machine!  It also is elasticy and can fit some over-sized Tupperware containers or bottles of Kombucha.

And with all of these in tow... my eye still lingers... like a man, never satisfied at home, begins to glance at women walking down the street, as do I.... on lunch bags.  I mean... look at these two below!  I don't have any in this size!  And look how cute they are! Like little purses! Only better... cause they're filled with FOOD!  

Unlike the bags that Sofia from The Golden Girls would keep, where she would stick meat balls in her purse... these were DESIGNED for meatballs!

But oops... I did it again.  The other day while looking for hiking convertible pants at REI... I came across this stunner!

A) she's purple... my favorite color.
b) she's on clearance... in other words... LAST CHANCE TO BUY!
c) she was discounted...
d) she has pockets on the sides for bottles of water.
e) she has very good reviews on the REI website.
f) long straps

I need to figure out if she is bigger than my "18 can" turquoise and blue dots Reyna Thermos bag above... if she she brings something interesting to the party... See, I have this wide, thin partition Rubbermaid container that I'm looking for transportation vehicle for. Right now, I can only fit it in ms. 18 can cooler, but only if I carry it as though I'm carrying a freshly baked cake... and that is not how I roll to work.  I usually have scarves, and work bags and jackets in tow. I need something I can commute with, vertically.

So, we'll see. I placed the order this morning. Should arrive next Monday. Fingers crossed!

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