Monday, April 25, 2011

Gratitude April 25

Its Early! I'm grateful for:

1) waking up at 5:15, NOT sleepy. I got to spend 1/2 hour with the husband while he went off on his way to the first day of apprenticeship.
2) Having enough time and energy to empty out the dishwasher and pack my lunch for the day.
3) that I packed my clothes last night for today.
4) that the yoga studio has showers!!!!
5) that the yoga studio has TOWELS!!!!
6) that I was the only one getting dressed after the practice. Very relaxing.
7) that the bathrooms were CLEAN and SPA like.
8) that I didn't have to be corrected too often. I haven't done yoga in over 5 years.
9) that I got to work on time, with very little HARD rushing.
10) the colored deviled eggs my EP brought in this morning.
11) getting in touch with my new body.
13) the sunshine today. I feel like a million bucks.
14) Coconut Curry leftovers for lunch!
15) recognizing that I can't save my parents marriage, only my own.
16) that I can have compassion for the guy last night dumpster diving at 11:30pm making a lot of noise.
17) that I was not the one dumpster diving.
18) the hope I have today that I didn't have 19 months ago.
19) the nap I took on my couch on Saturday... it was that good!
20) not over overindulging at ALL yesterday, and never needing to utter the words "tomorrow's a new day. back on track tomorrow".


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