Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hungry For Change

I happened on a new food documentary today called "Hungry For Change"... I was watching it while soaking in the tub... a new favorite pastime of mine.

I found it amazing. As I do with most of these food documentaries that I have watched.  I was so pumped up after watching it that a) I ran, (not walked) ... err, I actually drove) to my nearest Organic Food joint and got a superfood smoothie b) couldn't wait to tell you all 3 readers about it!

Before doing that though, I read the reviews from various Netflix subscribers and just had to shake my head.  So many non-believers that white sugar and processed foods are the devil... and that a upstanding company like Coca Cola and General Mills would never put anything in their products that are bad for us.

After 2 years not eating refined sugar and flours, barely being sick, not to mention losing a bunch of weight, I am a true believer in what these people are talking about.

I think what ultimately make my heart race while watching this documentary, is that its what I've been practicing for 2 years, the "diet" the visualizations and the self love.

Give it all a try!


You can also watch the whole film on youtube too!

Just saying...

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