Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

As much as I long for Christmas mornings when I see the excitement in my children's eyes over the latest and greatest visits from Santa (I know, I know, 'when the time is right'), I really do enjoy the quite serenity of a grown up Christmas morning.

29 out of my 32 Christmas mornings have been filled with a mixture of a supercharged energy and well... chaos to get everything moving along to the next phase of the day. Either Church, or a 2 hour drive up to my extended family.

For the last few years, Christmas morning has been quite peaceful when I wake up to just my husband and the still blinking Christmas tree.

This Christmas morning, the husband got up and made some "weekend coffee" and got under his blanket, first grabbing his Yankees Christmas hat and I joined him on the couch snuggling until the coffee was ready.

He was the first one to say "Do you wanna see what Santa brought us?" and I jumped up with the anticipation of the 5 year old self.

I love to give first, so here is B.


DEWALT20-Volt Max (1.5Ah) Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver / Impact Driver 2-Tool Combo Kit

DSCN1345 DSCN1348

I'm telling you... 5 year old's excitement!


And after 8 years, I finally got a trunk cover for my CR-V!


Happy Christmas US!


  1. I especially love the roaring fire in your fireplace...errr, i mean, tv. :) love you!