Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Magazine Subscriptions

2 things have been happening in my life recently. 1) I have been collecting "Coke Rewards" for say the past um... 3 years. and B) I have been working on a Vision Notebook. I've been ripping pictures of things out of catalogs and store ads, even printing out screen caps from my computer, and cutting and pasteing them in my "Vision Notebook" which is a spiral drawering pad filled with various catagories... fashion, hair/make up, my dream home, kitchen, places I wanna go to. People I admire. So on and so forth.

The reason I've been using the above mentioned ads, catalogs and screen caps is because I don't actually have ANY subscriptions to ANY magazines. And for some strange reason, there is not much to pull from out of B's ESPN or Sports Illustrated magazines.

So I figure its time to put some of these built up Coke Reward Points to good use. I have "screen captured" the finalists in my selection. The larger featured magazines are weighing more in my favor. I have enough points for a few magazines, but wanted to get some that were going to be Petunia friendly.

Whole Living, is a huge contender for me, since its about eating whole foods.  Whole grains, fruits and veggies. It does not consist of processed foods out of a box, can or simple sugars.  So this might be ideal since its on the harder side to find recipes sans white flour or sugar. (Diabetic cookbooks tend to simply feature more artificial sweeteners such as Splenda which I don't eat either).

I feel like a "home" oriented magazine would be ideal since now, B and I are "in the beginning stages of looking for a home to buy"... Now if only I'd stop getting the sweats every time I look at those multiple listing websites.  But this is the direction of our future, so I want a magazine that suits my taste and helps me see whats out there so I can dream big.

And Oprah is... well, she's just Oprah.  I certainly admire her for her altruistic tendencies, and the light that she brings to causes and issues that are important to her.  She seems to surround herself with people who are in the know. I would imagine she has a huge support system. As my therapist says, powerful people are supported.  So I'm trying to find the support I need.

What magazines speak to you?

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